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I'm so happy you found Inkhari! My name is Claudina Hannon, I'm a Peruvian Uruguayan maker who's always had a strong pull towards jewelry making since a young age. I found joy in learning from local makers and handcrafting pieces to gift to relatives because I saw it as meaningful. 

But it wasn't until recent years that my love for jewelry making and spirituality merged. I created Inkhari after undergoing major life changes. It was a time during which spiritual consciousness and practices helped me get through it all. That appreciation and learning inspired me to connect further with universal wisdom through my creativity and crafting wearable pieces that can carry a special meaning for others as well. Whether it's through our own experiences, astrology, or even nature, I hope by wearing Inkhari you identify with those aspects that matter to you... all while remembering that everything you need is within you already, xo.

Sophisticated, Handmade, Cosmic 



Each piece is meticulously designed, painted, crafted and assembled by me (Claudina) from my home in greater Washington, D.C. The jewelry reflects that imperfect perfection of a handmade product, which I hope you love!


Each piece is handcrafted using small-batch sourced materials, such as gold filled and 14K gold plated chains and clasps, crystals, stones, beads, and acrylic hand-painted wood beads. 


Inkhari embraces the wearable art concept. Every piece is handcrafted and hand painted with the purpose to evoke individuality and meaning for every person who wears it. The jewelry combines artful elements, architectural design, and a cosmic aesthetic.