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Inkhari was established in 2020. The name “Inkhari” is a variation of a Quechua/Spanish word “inkari,” which means Inca king. After the people in ancient Peru were overtaken by the Spanish conquistadors, there was a belief among Peruvians that the inkari would come back to life to bring together the people and land as it once was. 


Being part Peruvian and born and raised in Lima, Peru, this sentiment of an energetic link between us humans and mother nature is what drew me to the name. May we all be that person who can create greatness in our lives and those of others, like the inkari.


To me Inkhari is that invisible yet empowering feeling that embodies taking back your power, remembering who you are, and getting in touch with that best version of yourself. All while embracing our natural world as well as the spiritual world embodying light energy. Each piece I create is intentionally made to connect you to the many wonderful aspects of life, nature, and the spiritual world. That is what Inkhari is to me, and I hope you’re able to resonate with my intention behind the brand in your own way. May you embrace your journey. With love, Claudina.

meaningful, Handmade, Cosmic 



Each piece is made to order, meticulously designed, painted, crafted and assembled by me (Claudina) from my home in Northern Virginia. The jewelry reflects that imperfect perfection of a handmade product, which I hope you love!


Each piece is handcrafted using small-batch sourced materials, such as gold filled and 14K gold plated chains and clasps, crystals, stones, beads, and acrylic hand-painted wood beads. 


Inkhari embraces the wearable art concept. Every piece is handcrafted and hand painted with the purpose to evoke individuality and meaning for every person who wears it. The jewelry combines artful elements, architectural curiosity, and a cosmic aesthetic. 

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