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Our Past Lives Have the Power to Shift the Present

If I told you that this may not be our only lifetime, right here, right now, you might think I'm kidding. But many believe in the concept of our souls coming back to Earth after passing and that concept might not be as esoteric as it sounds. Learning about past lives is something that requires an open mind and willingness to learn that your soul may have lived here on Earth before this lifetime. For instance, have you ever met someone for the first time and had a strong feeling of familiarity? Or have you randomly been drawn to other cultures that are not your own? These may be small indicators that you may have had a prior life to this one.

To get deeper on this subject, we consulted psychic medium, spiritual guide, and teacher, Tammy Franklin, who has been a professional energy healer and higher consciousness guide for over 12 years. She was able to share powerful insight on how her energy work helps clients navigate real-life challenges by tapping into their past lives, and how this can be one of the keys to healing the soul.

Franklin sheds light on the importance of knowing our souls' journeys through past lives. She says, "My practice has evolved into energy clearing, which is the first thing that I learned about [professionally], so Spirit brought it back into my path. Energy clearing is so important and that's what helps you grow on a spiritual level. Past lives are a big part of who we are. I think the belief is changing. Your past life can be accessed by keeping an open mind to receiving that information about yourself, which can explain so much and it rings true to you individually."

But how do we access our past lives? Well, we can start with that open-mindedness within ourselves, and for more in-depth answers there are those like Franklin who can assist further. She shares that during a session, she's able to meditate, connect with our spirit guides (also known as a higher power source), and energetically tap into those aspects of one's past lives. This allows her to see how certain things from those lives may be affecting one's present life positively, and which others are current blockages that need to be healed and worked on.

"A lot of times I bring up something like unworthiness or fear, for example. The past life brings powerful insight into the present lifetime, including when someone has had previous lifetimes of specific abilities. Some clients want to know about this and want to bring the past life that serves their highest good. Other clients have specific things they want to address, and past lives can come up into that situation," she explains.

The good news is that working with past lives can help us with the following aspects during our current lifetime:

1. Healing patterns - Learning about aspects that are affecting our current lives (e.g. lack mentality or unworthiness) can come from other lifetimes, and unless we heal those aspects with spiritual work, then the lesson will continue being repeated.

2. Connecting to your purpose - There might be abilities from prior lives that helped you be successful and abundant. Learning how you can utilize those skills into this lifetime can serve your highest good and assist you in further achieving your goals.

3. Clearing ancestral pathways - Not only is accessing past lives positive for yourself but also for your family line. There might be certain blockages or beliefs within a family that continue being passed down, and when that is accessed and a new belief is created, then it can shift certain aspects from negative to positive. You will pass down that renewed belief and therefore will clear the energy for those you share it with within your family.

Even though tapping into this unknown part of ourselves may seem slightly intimidating for some, only good things can come out of it, especially when working with someone who has experience in the subject. Franklin shares uplifting experiences with her own clients, "I had someone recently send me an email about experiencing negative thoughts about herself, and I gave her a clearing to guide it away. Ever since she didn't experience that anymore. [Also], anyone who has anger in their life can go very deep and it's important to clear. Some people get sick. The physical manifestation of anger in the body is a very powerful shift for clients. Fear is also good to clear and I've been able to clear the fear. People notice positive shifts and don't have those negative emotions or pain [any longer]."

If you're wondering what to do to get started, Franklin suggests starting by being receptive to receiving information about the concept of past lives and asking that higher power to bring up what serves your highest good. Then, go from there trusting that whatever might come up in meditation or a session will be for your benefit and that of those in your family lineage as well.

For more on Tammy Franklin's work, please visit her website.


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