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How to Embrace Autumn to Its Fullest

In the Northern Hemisphere it is autumn time, and that can signify not only a time for change but a time for exploring the changing of the seasons. An easy way to embrace this season on a surface level is by just stepping outside. You'll be able to easily see the yellow, orange, and reddish tones of the leaves, but you might also notice other plants that are now peaking. Just notice which colors speak to you to appreciate how nature transforms. This can allow you to check-in with yourself and see how you have transformed internally this year and how all these changes are serving you. To get further in touch with these energies, here are some ways you can enjoy the current season physically and energetically.

Woodsy scents - Think about the air and how it feels when it gets colder. It almost causes us to go into a hermit-like state, but it's important to still feel connected to the outdoors by bringing nature into our spaces (e.g. bringing wood for the fireplace). Other ways to do this include changing out your candles, incense, or even essential oils, to scents that resemble the outdoors during autumn. It may be scents that remind you of rain, smoky scents like firewood, or even woodsy essential oils, like sandalwood or frankincense.

Spice flavors - Explore what is in season where you live and take advantage of getting veggies and fruits that are in full harvest. Maybe there's something you've been craving food or drink-wise that you can prepare yourself, which may symbolize that home comfort during fall time. Cooking helps get us in that flow state of mind that allows us to be present and be grateful for the food we have to consume. For example, my mom would make these sweet, cinnamon and clover-seasoned, glazed apples when it got cold, and I still like to do that and honor the tradition.

Dawn and twilight - Take the time to acknowledge how daylight savings may impact your routine, and then, you can make the changes to help you adjust and be most productive in your own way. Say for instance you went running in the morning during summertime, but now it's colder out. Maybe you can now go running at a later time and just bundle up or try an indoor class. Or if you may need an extra boost of energy on rainy/cloudy days, you're not alone. You can get that boost by taking some vitamin D, or doing something you love, like making your favorite tea, taking time to write in your journal, or even read a book.

As seasons change, so do we, and what's beautiful is that we also adapt in our own ways. It is refreshing to embrace a new season and everything it brings. It's as if we're transforming in small ways to subconsciously adapt to what may come in our own lives as winter approaches. But doing so in a positive way by remaining open to our surroundings and natural resources is what can help us get there with ease.


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