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What Happens When You Heal Your Soul

When we hear the word "healing," it can have a very personal meaning for each of us. But the gist of it is that to heal means to move past something that was hurtful to us. Yes, it is a process, and to properly heal we can start by acknowledging our feelings instead of suppressing them. This leads us to address our truth (what actual facts we have) about the situation, and then finally allows us to take what we learned from it in order to continue moving forward with our lives.

Here's why the healing process is so important:

- Helps you address what you need to work on at the moment, e.g. forgiving something or someone, being more loving to yourself, enforcing better boundaries with others, or prioritizing yourself.

- Shows you what kind of people and situations are good for you.

- Paves the way to more understanding about who you are, what or who makes you happy, and what your needs are.

Once you have gone through the process of addressing what you'd like to move past, you can look at those icky feelings even closer to continue your journey in a healed, better way. What healing does for you is invaluable and it has other benefits that can be great for your overall health and soul.

Some benefits from healing include:

  • Raising your overall energetic vibration - Remember what you are is what you attract!

  • Strengthens your character - Look how strong you've become by addressing + persevering after something difficult that happened.

  • Allows you to move on to bigger and better things - There's a whole world waiting for you out there. You got this!

It's important to remember that the goal of the healing process is to come out on the other side of that grief or pain, not to stay in it, but to also take your time to process everything as needed. The closure we give ourselves after any particular situation is essential. We heal by facing the truth of what transpired and making peace with it in our own way. By doing that we are also letting go of any negative thoughts or resentment, and that is so freeing for our minds, hearts, and souls.


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