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How to Find A Workout that Enhances Your Wellbeing

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Workouts have the potential to positively impact your overall well-being, including your mood, mind, muscle strength, and physique. That's why doing your research matters, as well as trying out different options that may work out for you - pun intended. Let's be honest, when it comes to workout choices, there is a sea of opportunities. So how do you find a workout that suits you and benefits your well-being? It takes a little planning and a little more of an open mind. I'd put myself as an example here. When I was younger, I always thought yoga seemed super difficult and that it was solely for people with advanced fitness skills and flexibility. Admittedly, I also saw it as too much of a slow workout for me during that part of my life. But today, I couldn't see myself without yoga in my life, as it has taught me awareness, body/mind connection, patience, flexibility, and dedication.

I am also a strong believer that finding good fitness instruction is key in this process. One of the best fitness instructors I've come across is Melinda Hall. She is an instructor and trainer based in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Melinda has been leading group fitness classes & training clients privately since 2009.

She has taught a variety of cardiovascular & strength training programs from dance cardio, barre, urban rebounding, TRX, circuit training, Pilates, yoga, and diverse sculpting classes. I'm happy to say that she has been one of my fitness inspirations, as she teaches dedication and challenges your abilities in the best way possible, while emphasizing precision within any workout technique. I chatted with her recently to ask about her stance on fitness and wellness. We also discussed her recommendations for people to find the perfect workout routine for them according to how they want to enhance their well-being.

She says:

"Working out is an absolute game-changer when it comes to living a more fulfilling life. Physically it boosts our strength, endurance, & flexibility. Emotionally it’s an instant mood-lifter, releasing feel-good endorphins that bring joy into our world. For me, working out is my “go-to therapy”, helping to release stress & enhance my focus on completing a task that’s positive for mind, body, & soul. It’s truly magical!"

Agreed! Finding the right workout can do wonders for your life overall. There are many ways we can find a fitness routine that is right for us, and it involves one's intuition to be followed. Melinda suggests five tips on what you can do to find a workout that might be best suited for your needs and goals. These suggestions can help to set you up for workout routine success now and in the long run while being a positive force in your overall well-being.

  1. Write down a list of priorities when it comes to what you'd like to achieve through the workout, is it to lose weight? Or to gain muscle? Or to destress? This is a good place to start and get you thinking of what you want to achieve.

  2. Seek a workout tailored to your fitness level and preferences, e.g. beginner vs. advanced, a flow movement workout vs. a high-intensity training class.

  3. Consult a fitness professional if possible for customized recommendations on which workout is right for you.

  4. Find workouts that make you happy and that you'd enjoy completing on your own.

  5. Select a routine you can easily be consistent with.

Whether you try to find the right workout on your own or with a fitness professional, it's important to find something that fits with your routine and that you can easily accommodate within your schedule without going too out of the way. It should be fun and a practice that can become part of your daily life and one that feels fulfilling for you, physically and mentally.

Melinda adds:

"Individuals can challenge themselves positively in their workouts by setting & achieving various goals, such as increasing strength, endurance, or flexibility. It’s super important to vary our routines to prevent boredom, burnout, & plateaus. Also, pushing our limits safely can have a huge impact on our confidence, helping us to shine from the inside out! It’s those small improvements we can make each day that help us to find a sense of accomplishment & continued progress."

Take your time in finding something that will be a long-term plan and success for you, while positively challenging your skills. Try out different workouts or studios and find one that suits your personality, goals, and where you're right now in your fitness journey. All this pre-amptive planning serves as a foundation for great progress.

For more about Melinda and her workout platform, where you can easily access a variety of workouts, please visit her website, Embodyment360.

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