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Transforming Your Inner Reality

I'm a big believer that when seasons change and shift, so do we. At first, it's something that we may not notice right away with each cycle, but it feels like an energetic push to continue moving forward and leveling up in our lives. What can we do differently or improve, or what not-so-great habit do we need to let go of? Though it may sound like overthinking at first, starting to have these conscious thoughts can help us narrow down the priorities we might need to settle on for the upcoming season. It's important to begin this process by getting in touch with yourself at the moment and seeing if there's an area in your life that needs to be addressed.

To make it easier, I will break it down into three possible sections:

  1. Physical - Think of ways you can get in touch with your body right now. Do you seek movement or want to slow down your routine? If it is movement then maybe more cardio should be in store, or if you seek peacefulness, then maybe less intense hiking or yoga can help with that.

  2. Practical self-improvement - This covers different areas in your life that focus on becoming the best version of yourself overall. How can you organize yourself better at work or with your routine? Or do you want to learn new things? The crux of this is improving the relationship you have with yourself and making it work during this phase in your life, as we are always evolving.

  3. Spiritual connectivity - There's so much we can cover here, but this is meant to remind us of our bigger purpose here on this planet. If there's something you've been wanting to do or learn more about when it comes to the spiritual realm, then it might be your cue to dive into it now. Maybe introducing meditation or prayer into your daily routine or getting in touch with what want to do as part of your life for the greater good could be a start to answering those big vision inquiries.

You don't have to do all things at once here, just take one area and one step at a time. Or you may feel inclined to do one and not the rest. But remember to always lean in and check with your intuition as to what you may need at any given moment. It may be one thing, or it may be many. But please, be gentle with yourself and do what is best for you to get you through the changing of seasons in a seamless way.


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