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Manifesting during the summer solstice

There can be so much pressure to set goals and affirm what we want to do with our lives during the traditional calendar year. Especially during the first months. But why is that? I understand that it's good to know where we're headed, but I believe it should be on our terms without being limited to a calendar timeline. Unless that is our intention, of course. I like to get inspired on what I'd like to manifest during the spring and summer months because it feels like a good time for an energetic boost and renewal.

There can be much external pressure already with other aspects of life, like social and financial to have everything perfectly lined up at the beginning of the year. Yet our goals can always shift and we can still manifest depending on the energies we want to attract, at any time of the year. I think you should get to decide what you want to accomplish whenever it feels like a good time to pursue certain things. When you get clear on that "what", then things can naturally unfold on how you will get there, alongside inspired action. It is about putting yourself first and it shouldn't be dictated by a date on a calendar. For some of us, the summer solstice can be a peak of opportunity to assess how things have been going and decide on what intentions matter to us now and moving forward. During this time of year, the Earth is at its maximum tilt toward the sun, and I believe it's a powerful time for connecting with the cosmos to bring our dreams into physicality.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before setting your manifestation goals this time around:

- How do I feel about last season's goals? - This question will help you see what you've accomplished and if there's anything that needs to be addressed, including anything that you might do differently this time around.

- Are there any goals I want to carry over into this season/upcoming months? - It's okay if you haven't started on some goals. See if those still make sense for you to pursue during the upcoming months.

- What realistic timeline will work for me to accomplish these goals? - Think about the next 3, 6, and 12 months. Some goals take more time, and that can shift in the future too. Something you thought would take 3 months, could turn into 6 months, and that's okay too.

- What are 2-3 of my current and near-future priorities? - Priorities can shift, but it doesn't mean we forget about them. If any pressing needs require your attention, then it's better to put those at the top of your list so you can address them sooner.

I hope these four questions help narrow your vision for spring and beyond and allow you to go on from there. Remember to be kind to yourself during this process and to go at your own pace. That way, you'll be happier that you took the time to address everything at the forefront of your mind when it comes to goals. The key is to continue being intentional and you will see things unfold at the right time.

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