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3 Ways to Stay Grounded

We live in a world where distractions are constantly trying to take up our time and attention from the present moment. That can be a bit stressful for sure. Yet there are simple ways we can detach from the outer world and bring the focus back to ourselves, even for a moment, and ground our energy.

But what does it mean to be "grounded"? The best way I can think of explaining this concept is to think of the earth beneath your feet, and visualize how solid, safe, and stable it looks and feels. Those are the same adjectives I'd use to describe how being grounded should feel for us at our core. Yes, life happens and things pull us out of being in that state, but you can always try to come back to your own inner stability. Doing so will make it easier to face whatever we may encounter afterward because we'll know that we can always rely on ourselves first and foremost.

These three ways of grounding your energy will serve as catalysts to remind you that despite what may be going on in your external reality, you are still in control of yourself.

1. Bring your focus back to you

If you are able to stop for a moment from whatever it is you're doing to check in with yourself at least once a day, you're doing your soul a favor. This can be through deep breathing, going for a short walk, or just by asking yourself how you're feeling, and seeing if there's anything that may require your attention, e.g. Are you feeling good? Are you feeling tired? Are you hungry?

2. Find peace through nature

Though this one may seem obvious, it is an important one to remember. It doesn't mean you have to live in the woods to feel that peaceful connection to the natural world. Even if you live in the city, you can still step outside for a moment and just breathe, look around you, and feel the sun or snow on your skin. Taking a moment to tend to your house plants also counts!

3. Disconnect from media

A tricky, but essential tip. Just stop checking emails, scrolling, watching videos, or even typing for a bit. Find a quiet place where you feel at ease, close your eyes, and just breathe. It's even better if you're able to meditate, and for you, that may mean taking 15 minutes to meditate or just 5 minutes to feel in a relaxed state where you can envision being present and feeling grateful for simply being alive.

There are so many ways to connect to that grounded energy we can benefit from. Our modern, busy lives almost make us forget about that need. But it should be more of a daily health practice because being grounded means being in a neutral state emotionally and mentally, and we can function better from that mind/heart space. By shifting our focus to simple tasks that get us there, we can accomplish positive results in our lives to continue doing what matters to us.


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