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Unlocking a Higher Level of Consciousness

When we talk about perception and knowledge, we can learn much about our minds. Just like our bodies, our minds have energetic layers in the form of thoughts via consciousness, which means awareness of yourself and the world. It is this awareness that allows our perception and worldview to expand. If we're open to doing so, we can tap into viewing ourselves and our surroundings from an elevated perspective that can align us to the best version of ourselves. You can also think of it as a high frequency or high vibration from which we can operate, mentally. Some attributes and feelings associated with a highly conscious mind include love, confidence, open-mindedness, awareness, and self-worth.

To learn how to access that version of inner selves, we spoke with Briget Heidmous, the owner of SUNSOAKED Crystals + Energy practices, who has a bias-aware and trauma-informed approach to (higher) self-healing with crystals + Tarot. She shared valuable insight on how to embrace our conscious side and high vibrational energy in a natural way.

Ask the right questions

Heidmous encourages us to expand our perspective by learning more about ourselves. We must first acknowledge that this higher consciousness or way of thinking already exists within our minds. It is up to us to recreate that narrative to view ourselves and the world from a positive stance, meaning as infinite and abundant if that is what we believe and it begins with trust in our potential to become that elevated version of ourselves in reality.

She explains:

"I'd like to speak on the "HOW" of higher, or elevated, consciousness and how we each might tend "the multiverse within" - working with the concept that there are infinite strata of elevated consciousness that one might access. When I apply this to myself, I want to know how my system is doing or how things are working. How is the flexibility of my consciousness: is there fluidity, density, pain, curiosity, anger, compassion, and so forth.

Perhaps we can ask instead: "How is my power?" and "How is my higher consciousness?".

The "how" of it all feels distinctly more empowering to me. By asking "how," we honor that our power is inherent. As natural and for us as the ineffable layers of our elevated consciousness."

Uncover your potential

We are all unique in how we live, love, learn, adapt, heal, and persevere. There's beauty in that process, and having that connection to high vibration and consciousness can help us undergo human experiences in a possibly smoother way. By accessing this energetic layer, we can potentially make better decisions, be more observant and less reactive, and do things that feel good for our souls. When we encounter certain experiences, it is important to be open to stepping back and learning from a judgment-free zone.

As a Tarot reader, Heidmous works individually with people and in groups. She provides them with the knowledge they may need at that time to really open their perspectives. While at the same time holding space for her clients to access a higher consciousness mindset that will allow them to elevate their thought forms on their circumstances.

She states:

"Baseline, in the 1:1 container of a Tarot reading, I offer a bias-aware and trauma-informed narrative Tarot reading, offering insight that the recipient might internalize for their benefit, then convert that insight into action, ultimately growing through their lived experiences.

During the small opening ceremony for each reading, I propose that the querent invite their curiosity to center stage with the hope that people feel empowered to be curious about and compassionate with themselves. It is important to me to instill in others, within the container of a Tarot reading and outside of it, that healing journeys are winding, non-judgemental, and informative. Healing is NOT a trudge to destinations where we "fix" ourselves."

Embrace the flow state

Let's remember that part of the essence of who we are today stems from childhood. During that time there was perhaps a bigger sense of freedom to be ourselves, go with the flow, play, and interact. That level of consciousness is authentic to the self, one who isn't so concerned about external opinions or judgments, and one that is also able to be present and appreciate the moment mentally and physically. So if we're able to be in the "flow state" or be present and let life guide us during parts of our day-to-day, we can be closer mentally to accessing that higher consciousness part of our intuition and self.

Heidmous has a few suggestions you can try:

"Dancing is always at the top of my list; at the core, dancing is play. Play is a flow state and opens the floodgates to our multi-conscious experiences - find what feels like play and surrender to the occasion.

Breathwork is my go-to in the ceremonial space - there is a lot to gain from hyper-oxygenating the body. I recommend any offering by Chauna Bryant - her style is rare, and she facilitates with a spirit of choice; rather than dogma or guru-proscribed modalities. For me, I experience a surrounding to Self."

It's fascinating to be able to access those deeper levels within, that can teach us much about our own perception and awareness. Having access to the mind is a beneficial tool to uncover who we truly are and to shift our awareness for the better. It can also allow us to discover what our purpose is, how we see the world, and where we want to go in life. Just imagine knowing all those things about yourself. Life would be much more enjoyable, don't you think?


Briget Heidmous [Washington DC] is the owner of SUNSOAKED Crystals + Energy Practices, a Tarot educator and artist. Briget has a bias-aware and trauma-informed approach to (higher)Self-healing with crystals + Tarot. Briget professionalized her Tarot practice in 2018 and launched SUNSOAKED in 2020. For more on Briget's work, please visit her website.


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